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MAMBA Trail BuilderMAMBA Trail Builds
Meet scheduled days, usually at 8:45am in Rosauers' parking lot N Main St, Moscow. Bring lunch, snacks, sturdy footwear, work gloves, water, and energy. Tools are supplied. No experience necessary.

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New Leadership for MAMBA
posted 02.26.18

As some of you may have heard, there are recent changes in MAMBA's organization. After nearly 20 years of tireless service—eight of them as the President of MAMBA—Scott Metlen has stepped away from his MAMBA leadership role. Winter Riding by Michael BarkerScott’s talent, energy, and expertise will be greatly missed, but we have a passionate group of trail advocates lined up and ready to carry on MAMBA’s mission. We are pleased to announce the new leadership.

MAMBA Board of Directors

President: Michael Barker
Treasurer: Tony Matson
Secretary: Matt Pollard

Landowner Liaison: Jerry Long

We are incredibly grateful to our private-landowner partners for the access they’ve allowed this community over the years. We look forward to serving the landowners by ensuring their land is used responsibly and respectfully according to the guidelines they have provided. And thanks to all of you for continuing to be great stewards of the privately-owned lands on Moscow Mountain.

Michael Barker


posted 02.12.18

It's February and having dirt to ride is fantastic! Frozen trails are great to ride when they are completely frozen, but please get off those trails before they thaw. Sun hitting a frozen trail will melt it very quickly, and remember, you can encounter muddy trails even when it is below freezing outside.

Potential Trail Damage, photo by Michael BarkerOur local trails get a lot of use. Riding, running, or hiking them when they are muddy increases the damage to them by providing ruts for water to run in, enlarging puddles, and preventing drainage. As you may recall from a couple years ago, once dried, the ruts created during this early-season freeze/thaw cycle will remain for quite some time. They don't just smooth themselves out.

If you can see your tracks depressing into the ground, its too wet. If you encounter a puddle, go through it, not around it. Then, go ride some gravel instead!

Happy Trails!

Michael Barker


Mountain Lion
posted 01.14.18

Here is a warning from trail users this morning. Remember that Moscow Mountain is home to many animals. Please be respectful and stay vigilant:

MTN. LION WARNING. At about 10am this morning, we ran into a cougar on Private Lands. It was on the top of the hill just after the first bridge after the trailhead. Our large dog, Molly, got rolled, bitten, and chased, but got away when my wife distracted it by yelling (thinking it was a dog). The mountain lion paced back and forth about 15 or 20 yards above me while hissing (obviously wanting to follow my wife and dog), and was not at all concerned about me yelling and stomping my foot. It finally meandered away after a minute or two, but didn't seem in a hurry.


Changes for 2018
posted 01.08.18

Hi all. I am no longer a part of MAMBA. For more information, please post to MAMBA's Facebook page or email info@bikemoscow.org.

Scott Metlen
Former MAMBA President