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Jim LaFortune
posted 11.16.10

Jim LaFortuneObituary for Jim LaFortune
MAMBA's founding member

James Robert LaFortune died early November 12, 2010 at his home in Moscow, ID following a 14-month battle with brain cancer. His family was home and his wife, Kathie, was by his side.

Jim was born in CA to Bud and Shirley LaFortune. He grew up in Portland, OR, attended Catholic K-12, and started his college career at Central OR Community College. He completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Vermont where he was on the ski team as a biathlete. Jim went on to get a Masters in Geology from OR State University, doing his field-work in the NW Frontier Province of Pakistan. Jim, Kathie, Jasper, and Emerald LaFortuneAfter a stint in the Peace Corps, and with all of that education, he decided what he really loved was teaching, so finished up with a teaching certificate from Eastern OR. The Junior High in Moscow, ID was his first job offer. He taught 7-9th grade Spanish and Earth Science for 20 years.

Jim met Kathie Allard in Lake Tahoe, CA in 1984. They married in Corvallis, OR in 1988. After the station wagon and the dog, they added Emerald in 1991, and Jasper in 1994. Jim loved his life and the people in it with intensity. He was a founding member of the Moscow Area Mountain Bike Association and his legacy lives on in the trails created for his and other's enjoyment. Jim loved white water rafting and back-country skiing. Jim, Emerald, Jasper, and Kathie LaFortuneHe was passionate about sharing his life with his family and anyone else he could drag along for the adventure. Even after his brain cancer diagnosis and during treatment, Jim was either on, or planning, the next adventure.

Jim is survived by his wife, Kathie, and his son, Jasper, at the family home in Moscow. His daughter, Emerald, currently resides in Missoula, MT where she is attending University. Jim's parents live in Portland OR, his brother Michael in Bonaire N.A. with his girlfriend, Dianna Rybak. Jim's sister, Therese LaFortune, husband Dave Hunt, and their 3 children and foster child are also in the Salem/Corvallis area of OR. Jim never met an outdoor enthusiast that did not become a friend, and he touched countless lives over his 20 years of teaching. He will be missed by many folks, but his love will live on in them.

Jim LaFortuneThere will be a memorial, potluck, and celebration of Jim's life on Sunday, November 28th at 7:00 pm. The East Side Market Place will be the venue, friends and family will be officiating.At Jim's request, no black…this is a "partay" Red, tye dye, or crazy Hawaiian shirts are welcome, as is bike, boating, and ski attire. In lieu of flowers, the LaFortune family requests that you make a donation to Palouse Clearwater Environmental Institute in Jim's name at: http://pcei.org/payment

In Sorrow,

Scott Metlen


Sad News
posted 11.12.10

MAMBA Community,

If you woke up this morning with an aching heart, it was because Jim LaFortune passed away last night. Jim was a founding member of MAMBA and his legacy lives on in the trails created for his and other's enjoyment. Back in 1995, Jim wrote and published the Mountain Bike Guide To Hog Heaven which helped grow a strong community of Mountain Bikers in this area. Without his vision and persistent efforts to enhance our local singletrack opportunities, we would not have access to the inner beauty (and convenience) of Moscow Mtn via the fantastic trail network in existence today. He was an amazing person whose love for the outdoors gave us all a gift.

As Jim would say, there will be a "Partay" (memorial, potluck, and celebration) of Jim LaFortune's life on Sunday, November 28th at 7:00 pm. The East Side Market Place will be the venue—friends and family will be officiating. At Jim’s request, no black…this is a “partay”. Red, tye dye, or crazy Hawaiian shirts are welcome, as is bike, boating, and ski attire. In lieu of flowers, the LaFortune family requests that you make a donation to Palouse Clearwater Environmental Institute in Jim’s name.

In Sorrow,

Scott Metlen


Mountain News
posted 10.29.10

Hi all,

Mountain news:
MAMBA trail build this Sunday, Oct 31, 2010 @ 1:00pm. Sleep-in, have a leisure breakfast, eat a healthy lunch, and meet Sherrie Metlen at Rosauers at 1pm to go connect PLT to Warnick Rd (south) for another loop. If it is raining, wear some rain clothes—WEAR SOME RAIN CLOTHES. I will meet you on the Mountain with all the tools you could possibly want.

The Latah Trail Foundation newsletter was just sent out. They are doing some great things for people who like to ride skinny tires (it is kinda fun). Check them out at http://www.latahtrailfoundation.org/.

Thanks and see you on the trail,

Scott Metlen


Mountain News
posted 10.21.10

Hi all,

There is a downhill race on Somalia Saturday, Oct 23 and Sunday, Oct 24 so parking at LaFortunes Flight and Cabin Trail will be tight.

The trail build we had last weekend produced 10 workers and another 500 feet of singletrack on PLT.

The last scheduled trail build party is on Sunday, Oct 31 at 1:00 pm. Meet at Rosauers’ parking lot. Bring gloves, sturdy foot ware, water and snacks, and energy. If we get enough people (~20), we will build PLT to where it intersects with a logging road that goes to the second steel gate on Warnick Rd. If we can get to this intersection, it will allow us to ride another great mountain biking loop this fall and next spring (depending when the snow comes).

Thanks and see you on the trail,

Scott Metlen


Building Trailposted 10.13.10

Hi all,

Last Sunday was a soggy day, but we built about 0.25 miles of PLT. The U of Idaho ski team and representatives from the U of I recreation (Trevor leading) are just amazing workers—all of that in-shape youth. There were some nice prizes from Mountain Khakis and a bike tune-up at Paradise Bikes awarded.

Please remember there is a trail build day this Saturday 10/16, meeting at Rosauers at 8:45am. Bring gloves, sturdy foot ware, water and snacks, and energy.

I thought this Saturday would be the last trail build day of the year, but the Environmental Law Society contacted MAMBA about donating time to building trails. How could I say no? So, if snow allows, the last trail build day will be Sunday 10/31/10. Meet at Rosauers at 1:00pm.

OK people, we were able to put in Nemesis a few years back and one of the reasons was so people would not use the skid trail that is just south east of it that plunges off of the mountain starting at the climbing rocks. Bennett lumber inherited that skid trail when they bought the land and it is an erosion problem. I know it is a fun trail to bomb down, but we said we would not when we put in Nemesis. We need to put in some serious water bars and let it heal. Please refrain from using that trail and any others that we have not got permission to use. The landowner’s are willing to work with MAMBA, as long as we, as a biking community, try to work with them. So let us work with them. I also know that some in the biking community want very technical downhill trails. The soil on the mountain does not lend its self to such trails, as the soil is very erosion prone and steep bare spots wash out. Where there are rocks, we may be able to put in some good drops, but long very Moab-like step descents are not a good idea or possible.

Thanks and see you on the trail,

Scott Metlen


posted 10.07.10

Hi all,

Just a reminder—this Sunday (10/10/2010) meet at 2pm at Mt. View Park to go up the mountain and extend PLT. The U of Idaho Ski Team will be there in force. It is always fun to watch them work, and work, and work. Because the U of I Recreation Department is great, Trevor Fulton will be bringing along some prizes from Mountain Khakis for the work team to win in one manner or another. There will be a prize for the best trail work outfit and a prize for the person who most resembles a contented, dirty pig at the end of the day. That would be the dirty part—no face or body alterations allowed. Those attending will vote on who earned these two prizes. The other prizes will be awarded by a drawing.

By the way, the bottom portion of PLT is completed from across the road from where Gemini starts, up to the first steel gate on Warnick Rd after turning off of Moscow Mtn Rd. Park at the wide spot next to the gate and ride down PLT and up Gemini—or the other way around. A fast pretty loop.

One issue remains from the picnic we had Sept 18, 2010. There was a metal water bottle left and some silverware. Contact me via email for a chance to be reunited with these strays.

The best of rides to you,

Scott Metlen


Yellow JacketMAMBA News
posted 09.27.10

Hi all,

Saturday was a beautiful day on the mountain, but when isn’t it. Thirteen hardy souls showed up to extend PLT. We made progress and found a large bald-faced hornet’s nest in the trail right-of-way. No one got stung, but there is about a 20 foot section of trail that is not cut out. If you look carefully in line with the trail and slightly to the left, you will see a nest the size of a basket ball hanging from the limb of a small cedar tree where the trail is not cut out. I did not kill the nest, as the cold weather will soon force the hornets into hibernation in the ground. But I would not get within 10 feet of the nest right now! Pass by it on the uphill side—as they fly in from downhill. Once again, there are tools on the trail where we stopped working so if any of you couldn’t make it to a trail build day and are comfortable pushing the trail ahead on your own, have at it. There are two corners and about 600' of right of way cut out. The nest is about 30’ after a corner when the trail is heading northeast.

The next trail build day is Sunday, October 10, 2010. The UI ski team will be doing their fall volunteer day. Meet at 2:00pm at Mountain View Park parking area. (Mountain View Park is on the right side of Moscow Mtn Rd just as you head out of town.) We will be working on PLT. (Note:PLT will eventually come in across from where Gemini starts.)

The next MAMBA trail work day is scheduled for Saturday, October 16, 2010. Bring water, a lunch, work gloves, snacks, and sturdy footwear. No experience is needed. This will be the last work day of the year. Meet at Rosauers at 8:45am to once again work on PLT.

Currently, a nice late afternoon loop would be to head up LaFortunes Flight to where PLT turns off, then ride PLT to where it crosses the second road, and then head down the second road back to Cabin Trail.

Thanks and see you on the trails,

Scott Metlen


LaFortunes Flight Party
posted 09.19.10

LaFortunes Flight Group RideHi all,

The group ride Saturday, Sept 18, 2010 to honor Jim LaFortune and his wife Kathie's work for MAMBA was great. There were 33 bikers and two runners that followed Jim up Jump Trail and Nemesis before going down LaFortunes Flight. At the stop at the climbing rocks overlooking Moscow and the Palouse, one could step back from the group and just listen to the happy laughing voice of 35 people whose location was made possible by Jim’s vision and hard work to create the labyrinth of trails we all enjoy on Moscow Mtn.

There were also 25 hikers following Kathie up LaFortuens Flight to where it gets serious about going up, then went out to where the new PLT dead ends, and then back down to the potluck via Cabin Trail.

Jim & Kathie at LaFortunes FLight PotluckLots of tearful, heartfelt hugs and well wishes went Jim’s direction, as well as a bunch of great food. Tim Moody and John Larkin held a short and touching ceremony appropriate for Jim’s cancer state—in Jim’s words that state is, “it is what it is and it is a bitch”.

On a lighter note, we all get the chance to expand our labyrinth next Saturday (9/25/10) by ‘flowing’ some new tread along PLT towards its final destination two miles or so away across from where Gemini starts.Bring gloves, water, food,andmeet at Rosauers’ parking lot at 8:45am where we will car pool up to Cabin Trail. From Cabin's trailhead, we will hike in to meet our tools which will be impatiently waiting for us. Jon, Brad, George, and Rachelle have been sneaking up from time to time to recommit their relationship with those lonely tools we have sentenced to the end of the trail tread. It will be interesting to see how far they have come.

Ride/hike/run and then ride/hike/run some more.

Scott Metlen


LaFortunes Flight Potluck Party Sept 18
posted 09.16.10

Hi all,

Parking will be at a premium this Saturday at Jim and Kathie's LaFortunes Flight Group Ride and Potluck Party, so car pool as much as possible and park wisely. You will probably want to drop off your cooler and then go park. If we are careful, we should all fit. I am thinking that if a car can pass your parked car safely, then park.

For those who are smart enough to be walkers and not bikers, Kathie will be leading a walkabout, same time same place.

Scott Metlen


LaFortunes Flight Potluck Party Sept 18
posted 09.14.10

Hi all,

Just a reminder that we are meeting at the bottom of LaFortunes Flight this Saturday, Sept 18, 2010 at 10:00am to have a group ride with Jim and Kathie as well as a potluck afterwards to celebrate their 15-20 year contribution to the fun we all have on Moscow Mtn.

The ride will go up the bottom part of LaFortunes Flight, up Jump Trail, up Nemesis, and then down LaFortunes Flight (of course there is a bit more up on LaFortunes Flight until the down. What do you expect from a trail with Jim’s name on it? If you noticed, there are more ups than downs in the description above. It turns out that Moscow Mtn. is a magical place where you have more up than down if you make your trails correctly. If you are concerned about the up, you can drive to the top and meet the group just before the down part of LaFortunes Flight. So far, the weather man is not cooperating :( and says it is going to rain. So what. There is no bad weather—just poor choices in clothing.

Potluck Instructions

  • Bring eight servings of your favorite dish or Jim’s favorite dish
  • Tape your name to your hardware and your cooler
  • We will be riding before we eat so bring that favorite dish in a cooler with ice
  • Bring your own utensils and paper/plastic/ceramic/china plates
  • Bring your own garbage, pack it in—pack it out applies here as well as on the mountain
  • Eat lots!!!!!!!!!!

There will be 10 long tables to put the food on and some toilets for those other functions.
I will try to put a fly over the tables.

On a much sadder note: The cancer beast that is growing in Jim’s head is starting to put pressure on his speech and memory centers. Therefore, he has a really hard and frustrating time conversing and remembering names, so just say HI to Jim and give him a hug. That way we will keep the frustration level low and the good feelings high.

The BEST to all,

Scott Metlen


LaFortunes Flight Potluck Party Sept 18
posted 08.31.10

What a Trail Party Aug 28 gave us! Forty-five volunteers showed up Aug 28, 2010 to complete the construction of our newest trail, LaFortunes Flight, thereby setting the all-time turn-out record for MAMBA! In addition to finishing up LaFortunes Flight, the ambitious work crew made a great start on a new trail called PLT.

Please join us on Sept 18, 2010 up on Moscow Mtn to celebrate the completion of LaFortunes Flight. We plan to take a group ride with Jim LaFortune up the bottom of LaFortunes Flight, Jump Trail, and Nemesis and then take the flight down LaFortunes Flight and end the ride with a potluck party at the end of the trail in the cedar grove area. Bring your favorite potluck dish, on ice, to party with Jim and Kathie. We will meet at 10:00am at the bottom of LaFortunes Flight to start the ride. Please car pool as much as possible. We should be down by 11:30am to 12:00pm. If we let Jim lead up, we may be down sooner.

Note: The Warnicks have asked us not use Cabin Trail for descents. Instead, please use the newly completed LaFortunes Flight. To find the bottom of it, ride Gemini (or the gravel road) past the bottom of Cabin Trail. Approximately 25 yards before the triangular outhouse, cross the road and climb. LaFortunes Flight will deposit you on the dirt road above the Warnick Cabin. The trail splits just before the dirt road, with the left fork joining up to Jump Trail (which leads you to Moscow Mtn Rd). The right fork leads you up the mountain toward the climbing rocks at the top of Nemesis. To find LaFortunes Flight when descending, pedal ~25 yards along the dirt road that leads to Cabin Trail, then bear right onto LaFortunes Flight.

Don't forget--next Trail Party is Sept 25. Same drill, meet at Rosauers at 8:45am, bring food, water, and gloves. We will be working on PLT which, when completed, will complete Crumarine Creek Loop Trail consisting of Gemini, Up & Over, Nemesis, the upper portion of LaFortunes Flight, and PLT, which will be about 10 to 12 ++  miles of amazing singletrack. Add the Tusks, Cave Trail, and Rock & a Hard Place and you would pretty much have an epic day.

There are a few lonely tools on PLT where the tread ends. Those tools would love your company for a half hour or more if you are so inclined to extend the trail a few 10's of feet. If a few of us work a little now and then, it makes a big difference. In addition, if you have a pair of hand pruners, there are some roots on LaFortunes Flight that need trimed where the trail was made by a machine.

Scott Metlen


Reminder: Trail Party this Saturday, Aug 28
posted 08.26.10

Please remember to meet at Rosauers on N Main St at 8:45am this Saturday, Aug 28th. Carpool to LaFortunes Flight. Bring plenty of water, snacks, a great lunch, a fine pair of work gloves (or the club's pair).

Hugs to all of you,

Jim LaFortune



Jim LaFortuneThree Important Bike Club Items
posted 08.12.10

As they say, time is a thing of the past (smile here; that's a joke) and mine is nearly up. For the past year I've been fighting an aggressive brain tumor (don't smile here; it's not a joke). I've endured a craniotomy to remove the tumor, many weeks of radiation and Temodar (an evil chemo drug), switching to a more expensive drug when the Temodar failed, starting anti-seizure meds this summer, blah, blah, blah. I look (and generally smell; smile here) pretty decent. The neuro doc tells me that the new drugs aren't working, so I might as well stop taking them. It definitely gets your attention when the neuro-oncologist is crying along with you! For more information, check out my wife's outstanding writing on the Caring Bridge site, found at http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/JimLaFortune.

So in a couple weeks we'll be making some more choices regarding future treatment. Other than fatigue, I feel well most of every day. Don't be surprised to see me out and about doing "normal" stuff. Hug me!

Item #1   In the meantime, I'll start to transition Scott Metlen to being your new MAMBA president. He and his amazing wife Sherrie have been building the incredible switchbacks, trail sections, and bridges on LaFortunes Flight. There's no big rush deadline, but I want to get started now, while I still have most of my senses.

Item #2   The next trail party for MAMBA is Saturday, Aug 28. Please meet at Rosauers on N Main St in Moscow at 8:45am. Bring water, a lunch, work gloves, snacks, and sturdy footwear. No experience is needed; on Aug 7 we had 13 volunteers and got a huge load of trail construction accomplished (I rode it today; it is SWEET).

Item #3   Keep in mind that there are many chances to contribute to mtn bike trails, including clearing the brush with the power tools. Scott does lots of trail work on other days, so please contact him if you have some time and want to help. If you only have a couple hours to spare, the Palouse Clearwater Environmental Institute (PCEI) is building a trail on their land at the north edge of Moscow. To sign up to help lead a PCEI session, contact Aly Lamar.

MAMBA is in beautiful hands. YOURS. Keep it alive and well.

A lifetime hug from me to you,

Jim LaFortune



MAMBA Trail Party
posted 08.03.10

Hi All,

There is a trail outing this Saturday, Aug 7th. Woo hoo for continuing to build LaFortunes Flight!

Meet at 8:45am at Rosauers on N Main St in Moscow.

Bring lunch, water, work gloves, snacks. No experience necessary; bring all your buddies and buddettes!

A winner will be chosen to receive the VIP (Volunteer Incentive Prize), a full bike tune-up from Follett's Mt Sports.

Sherrie Metlen will be your team leader.

Touche Turtle, Away!

Jim LaFortune



Trail Updates
posted 07.22.10

Hello MAMBA-holics,

  • Nine volunteers showed up for the July 10 trail party. Chad Kooistra won the Volunteer Incentive Prize, a bike tune-up at Paradise Creek Bicycles. We built LaFortunes Flight downhill from the climbing rocks near the top of Nemesis.
    Woo woo!
  • The August trail dates are Saturday, Aug 7 and Saturday, Aug 28.
  • There is plenty of amazing trail stuff to be done, even if you can't attend one of the official MAMBA trail parties. For example...
    • If you are a Trail Steward (or want to become one), contact me to get the power tools to trim the brush. The tools are at my house right now. One of our volunteers, Bob Stephens, finished part of the Boy Scout side of Headwaters, but then had to leave town. Someone could offer to finish Headwaters for him. All the other trails need trimming too. Contact me or Joe Wagenbrenner to arrange the tools.
    • If you have a few hours, you can work on LaFortunes Flight where Scott ran the machine. The work is mostly trimming branches and smoothing out the dirt.

Happy Trails. Remember that we'd like to see everyone do at least one day of trail work per year. Can you be included in that list for 2010?

Jim LaFortune



July 10 Trail Party
posted 07.11.10


We had 9 people last Saturday, teaming up on LaFortunes Flight, near the top of Nemesis. Check out part of the new trail, starting with a switchback descent from the road at the top of Nemesis. Chad Kooistra won the Volunteer Incentive Prize, a complete bike tune-up at Paradise Cr Bicycles. Sweet!

Our next trail parties are Aug 7 and Aug 28.

See you then!

Jim LaFortune



July 10 Trail Party Reminder
posted 07.08.10


Hope to see you Saturday, July 10 at 8:45am at Rosauers.

We'll carpool to the top of Nemesis and build the loop downhill.

It's supposed to be warm, so bring plenty of water, snacks, lunch, work gloves.

The VIP will be a bike tune-up from Paradise Creek Bicycles.

You rock the singletrack world!

PS If you see horseback riders, be courteous. They are allowed on MAMBA trails.

Jim LaFortune



July 10 MAMBA trail party and updates
posted 06.27.10


Nemesis Loop is the trail and here is the info for the next trail party date:

When: Saturday, July 10
Time: 8:45am at Rosauers on N Main St in Moscow
Bring: lunch, chocolate, water, work gloves, sturdy footwear, love of trails

Emerald LaFortune won the VIP (Volunteer Incentive Prize) for June 12, a $35 gift certificate at Hyperspud Sports. There were only four attendees on June 12, a record I'm confident we can BURST in July. The July VIP is a $35 bike tune-up at Paradise Creek Bikes. If more than a dozen folks show up, we'll give away a second, identical gift cert.

Your Hoppy Medium,

Jim LaFortune



Horses on Moose Marbles, Trail day Saturday
posted 06.10.10


The fellow who owns the land that South Side and Moose Marbles reside upon allows horsemen to ride there. Please pull to the side and let them by. Be nice, as they have permission to be on the trails and the roads.

Also, reminder to meet at 8:45am this Saturday, June 12, at Rosauers on N Main St in Moscow. You'll carpool to the lower portion of Nemesis Loop. Contact Scott Metlen if you have questions. The VIP (Volunteer Incentive Prize) is a SWEET $35 gift certificate from Hyperspud Sports in Moscow.


Jim LaFortune



Trail parties June 5 and 12
posted 06.04.10

Hello All Y'all,

Saturday, June 5...

A group from WSU is doing trail work on Moscow Mtn for National Trails Day. We'll have plenty of tools and you are welcome to join us (yes, the weather is supposed to be dry and we'll be on a south-facing slope on the lower end of Nemesis Loop, where a volunteer pro trail builder has been working his excavator for the past 3 days, starting across from the lower Gemini trailhead. Meet at Mountain View Park in NE Moscow at 10:00am (NOTE THIS ALT MEETING TIME AND PLACE) Bring a lunch, water, snacks, work gloves if you have them, sturdy footwear. After trail construction fun, we'll drive up to the bottom of Cabin Trail and hike up LaFortunes Flight and down Cabin Trail.

Saturday, June 12...

This is the June trail party day for MAMBA. Meet at Rosauers on N Main in Moscow at 8:45am. Carpool to mountain, either to work on Nemesis near the lower trailhead or up higher. Bring a lunch, snacks, chocolate for sharing, gloves if you have them, sturdy work shoes and a friend who has never done trail work.

Resistance is futile, so join us now, eh?

Jim LaFortune



MAMBA Trails Info
posted 05.19.10

Hi All,

A few items:

1) Please do not use Cabin Trail for descents. We have built a new, 2-way trail to the north called LaFortunes Flight and it's a blast. To find the bottom of it, ride Gemini (or the gravel road) past the bottom of Cabin Trail. Approximately 25 yards before the triangular outhouse, cross the road and climb. LaFortunes Flight will deposit you on the dirt road above Warnick's Cabin (UPDATE: this cabin was removed in 2018). The trail splits just before the dirt road, with the left fork joining up to Jump Trail (which leads you to Moscow Mtn Rd). The right fork leads you up the mountain toward the climbing rocks at the top of Nemesis, but it won't be completed till the end of the summer. To find LaFortunes Flight when descending, pedal ~ 25 yards along the dirt road that leads to Cabin Trail, then bear right onto LaFos Flight. If you must go down Cabin Trail, please keep your speed to 15 mph (slow on a bike, trust me) and stop if there is anyone at the cabin, say hello, be social. The Warnicks are amazing folks who let us cross their property; let's return the favor and descend of LaFos Flight whenever possible.

2) You will see new orange flagging directly across the road from the bottom of Gemini trailhead. The flags are for Dave Crosby, a professional trail builder who has a narrow excavator and has offered to solo build trail for us ~ June 1-4 for FREE. Wow. My wife helped treat his son, and he wants to pay us back somehow. I say, "I BELIEVE!". Our hope is that he can lay out a wider path that is friendlier to beginner cyclists, at least for a mile or two.

3) The gates are open at the bottom of Moscow Mtn Rd and going up Moscow Mtn Rd parallel to Nemesis.

4) When you park for Gemini, please park on the long flat stretch of road just after the steep switchback gravel corners. There is a tree with the number 1 painted on it. Park there, due to the lack of room for safe turn around at the actual trailhead. The trailhead for Gemini itself is behind the green post on the left with the ratty barbed wire across it.

5) Last item:  reminder to show up this Saturday, May 22, at 8:45 AM at Rosauers on N Main St in Moscow. We'll be working on LaFortunes Flight.

Woo hoo!

Jim LaFortune



MAMBA Trail Party Saturday May 22
posted 05.18.10

Hello Mountain Bikers,

Bring your flame thrower this Saturday, May 22!

Meet at 8:45am at Rosauers on N Main St in Moscow.

Our VIP (Volunteer Incentive Prize) will be a sweet bike tune up from Paradise Creek Bicycles.

Bring lunch, snacks, sturdy footwear, water. 

We'll carpool from Rosauers to the work site on LaFortunes Flight.

No experience necessary, so bring everyone with a pulse and a great attitude toward trail construction.

Woo hoo,

Jim LaFortune



Latah Trail Fundraising Event
posted 05.13.10

Hello MAMBAers,

We still have tickets remaining for our May 22nd "Trail of Discovery" fundraising dinner and auction. If you have not yet purchased your tickets, now is the time. If you have, please tell your friends and spread the word.

This fun event will take place at the Best Western University Inn on Saturday, May 22—festivities begin at 6:00pm. There will be a variety of items to bid on in both a silent and live auction. Tickets are $40 per person or $300 for a table of 8 people. Ticket price includes dinner, complimentary wine, music, bidding, and fun!

Email <latahtrail@gmail.com> to reserve your tickets today. Purchase tickets online (www.latahtrailfoundation.org), at Troy City Hall, or stop by the Latah Trail Foundation's office located at 114 E. Third Street (entrance in alley), Monday - Friday from 2:00-6:00pm. Tickets will not be available at the door. 

Proceeds from the event will help maintain the Moscow-Troy trail and open the first section of new trail in Bear Creek Canyon. Join us in the fun and support the trail at the same time!

Thank you.

Nora Locken

Moscow Mtn Gates
posted 05.12.10


The Moscow Mtn gates on the County Road will be opened on May 17—barring any inclement weather.

Thank you for your patience.

Dan Carscallen

North Contour Moose Kill
posted 05.11.10

Hello Moscow Mtn Rec Users,

May 8, 2010, mountain bikers found a dead moose calf on North Contour, which is about a mile west of Four Corners

There will probably not be any human interaction with whatever animal killed this moose calf, but to be safe, follow these guidelines:

1) Make noise when riding. (I like to shout "Hello!")

2) Avoid North Contour, especially if you are riding alone.

3) If confronted by a prey animal, be AGRESSIVE. Let it know you are not easy prey. Pick up your bike to shield yourself. Scream and yell. Do not be passive.

Pedal on,

Jim LaFortune



Bike Swap This Saturday!
posted 05.03.10

Greetings Bike People,

Just a quick email, in case you haven't heard:

4th Annual Bike Swap will be happening Saturday, May 8, 9:30am to 3pm in the alley next to the Moscow Food Coop. Same format as the last three years, free to sell, no buyers fees. And free bike repairs all day long!

Three Forks Bike Club is hosting a fundraiser pancake feed beginning at 9:30am, live music and free refreshments from 11am to 1pm. Alley cat treasure hunt ride (race) starts at 1pm, free and open to all levels of riders, it will be a few miles around town going to various fun locations.

We'll have tables for sellers to spread their wares, so clean out your garage/junk bins and bring it on down.

Help the bike swap grow, forward this to any bikers you know!


Mamba Tool Fleet Manager


Trail parties April 24 & 25
posted 04.19.10

Hello Trail Lovers,

This weekend there are two opportunities to help build LaFortunes Flight on Moscow Mtn.

1) Saturday, April 24. NOTE THE ALTERNATE MEETING PLACE and TIME: meet at 8:30am at the UI Student Union Building north parking lot, at the corner of 6th St and Deakin Dr. It's Vandal Service Day, so there could be several hundred people milling around. Find Sherrie or Scott Metlen, who will gather ~20 volunteers and carpool with them to the mountain. If you are driving, try parking in the Human Resources parking lot, which is ~1 block east of Deakin on the south side of the 6th Street. Bring water, snacks, and sturdy footwear. Vandal Service Day is over at noon, so if you think you'll want to stay longer, bring a lunch.

2)  Sunday, April 25 with the UI and WSU Ski Teams. NOTE THE ALTERNATE MEETING PLACE and TIME: meet at Mountain View Park in NE Moscow at 2:00pm.

Alien Masters are calling me away,

Jim LaFortune



Trail parties for April 2010
posted 04.12.10

Hello MAMBAheads,

Here are the play dates for our next two weekends:

Sunday, April 18 with the UI Outdoor Program. NOTE THE ALTERNATE MEETING PLACE and TIME: Meet at 9 AM at the big garage doors at the east end of the UI Student Rec Center. You do not have to be a UI student to participate. Bring water, lunch, work gloves if you have them, lots of chocolate and wear sturdy footwear. We'll be caressing LaFortunes Flight onto the hillside north of the Cabin Trail.

Sunday, April 25 with the UI and WSU Ski Teams. NOTE THE ALTERNATE MEETING PLACE and TIME: Meet at Mountain View Park in NE Moscow at 2 PM. Bring the same stuff as listed above.

The Shameless Recruitment Dept,

Jim LaFortune



Paradise Creek Group Bike Ride Opportunites
posted 03.31.10

MAMBA riders,

Paradise Creek Bicycles group ride updated schedule can be viewed at the following link;
Facebook Link
Facebook membership not required!

All rides rendezvous at the Paradise Creek Bicycles shop and are subject to last-minute cancellation due to inclement weather. Cancellations due to flat tires or low energy are not allowed—pick up a fresh tube or a Fubar at the shop! We also expect other rides and times to evolve over the season as people converse on these rides and figure out scheduling, so don't feel stuck with those below, and pipe up if you want to suggest a different one!


8:00AM Sunday Morning Singletrack, aimed at advanced riders looking to explore the trails and those who like their beauty rest!

9:30AM Brunchtime Road Ride, culminating at the Ion Cafe or other area restaurant.

12:00PM Sunday Singletraction, aimed at less experienced riders looking to explore the trails and those who like their beauty rest!


We are leaving Monday open for now, with the expectation that a ride of some sort will come into being in the future.

4:30PM The UI Outdoor Program has a mountain bike ride, rendezvousing in the eastern parking lot of the Student Recreation Center. Seats in their van are available for $4, but need to be reserved ahead of time in their office. Call 885-6810 for more info.


5:00PM Hour of Power - A road ride, oriented towards fit, energetic riders. Most riders will probably end up on the deck at the Ale House afterwards for some liquid carbo reloading. If you want a casual ride, wait fifteen minutes for the:

5:15PM NBLB Social Ride. All riders welcome for a casual pedal around Moscow, no bikes left behind!


Keep this day open for Matt Morra's race night. The time is still being decided.


5:00PM MTBBQ Ride. We'll provide a grill and some cooler space, bring your mountain bike and your favorite grillables for a post-ride tailgate at the trailhead.

5:00PM Road Ride for those that don't have Mountain Bikes.


6:30PM Friday Night Lights - Charge up your lights and head to the mountain for an evening ride.


9:30AM Jitterbug Road Ride (Finish at One World for Coffee)
Mountain Ride TBD

10:00AM Trails to Rail: Head up to the mountain and sculpt dirt for an hour or two with provided tools, then ride freshly tuned trail! Trails to Rail will not be going on April 17th & 25th, May 22nd, or June 12th as these are MAMBA trail work days.


Nick Fuller
Paradise Creek Bicycles


UI Outdoor Program Group Ride April 5th
posted 03.31.10

MAMBA folks,

The first UI Outdoor Program Mountain Bike Group Ride is next Monday, April 5th. We will meet at 4:30pm in the UI Student Rec Center east parking lot. Anyone looking for a ride can jump in the SRC van for $4. Otherwise, carpool to the trailhead.

The ride will start at the Pond 9 access on Moscow Mtn. We will ride up the road and access either Headwaters trail or continue up to Paradise Point. Bring enough warm clothes, food, and water for a 5-10 mile ride in inclement weather.

Space is limited in the van so come into the office and sign up early to guarantee a seat. Otherwise, meet us at the trailhead. Pass this info along to anyone who might be interested. If the weather is too bad or the trails are really wet, we might postpone the ride. Get ready for a great riding season!

Future rides:

  • April 19
  • May 3
  • May 17
  • June 14
  • June 28
  • July 12
  • July 26
  • August 9


Trevor Fulton
UI Outdoor Program


MAMBA Trail Party Dates for 2010
posted 03.30.10

Hello MAMBA members,

Eleven MAMBA leaders gathered at Mikey's Gyros last night for a couple hours of good food, good beer, and great planning for this season. Last winter, I succeeded in getting permission from Bennett Lumber Products to connect LaFortunes Flight to the Nemesis climbing rocks. Thank-you Bennett Lumber!

Here are our trail party dates for 2010. The meeting time is always 8:45am at Rosauers on N Main St in Moscow, unless otherwise noted. Please try to help out at least one full day per riding season so that our trails will continue to thrive:

  • Saturday, April 17 with the WSU Outdoor Rec Center***CANCELLED***
  • Sunday, April 18 meet at the garage doors at the east end of the UI Outdoor Program at 9am.
  • Sunday, April 25 with the UI and WSU ski teams
    **Meet at Mountain View Park at 2 PM to participate**
  • Saturday, May 22
  • Saturday, June 12
  • Saturday, July 10
  • Saturday, Aug 7
  • Saturday, Aug 28
  • Saturday, Sept 25
  • Saturday, Oct 16

There are many other times that trail work is happening on a smaller scale. Please contact Joe Wagenbrenner, Scott Metlen, or Jim LaFortune if you'd like to help out on some other date.

P.S. Trail building is a democracy where you vote with your shovel.

P.P.S. Sign up on our email list for free through this Web site and if you want to download the latest Moscow Mtn trail maps and GPS, it's $15 bucks per year for the MAMBA membership. The money goes into buying tools so we can (you guessed it) build trails. Woo hoo!

Putting the power to the pedal,

Jim LaFortune


Spring Onto Your Bike
posted 03.22.10

MAMBA Readers,

Don't miss the Paradise Creek Bicycles' Spring Onto Your Bike event this Saturday, March 27, 2010, 6:15pm-11:30pm.It will be a great opportunity to connect with other area cyclists for what promises to be an awesome season!

Meet us behind the Paradise Creek Bicycles' shop on your favorite ride at 6:15pm for a fun ride to the 1912 Center. Bring your favorite snack for a hors d'oeuvres potluck while people show unique and interesting bikes at 7:00pm, then get ready to rock out to live music when BB Gun Incident and Noni & The Static play at 8:00pm. With door prizes all night, the fun will keep rolling until midnight!

Facebook Link


Nick Fuller
Paradise Creek Bicycles


MAMBA Members
posted 03.14.10

MAMBA afficionados,

As the trails approach the tire-ready condition, we're excited to implement the Moscow Mtn adopt-a-trail program.

Volunteers (we'll call them Trail Stewards) will open trails in the spring and perform maintenance outings, such as trimming back brush in the summer, clearing dirt out of water bars as needed, using the small chainsaw we bought last autumn (that can be carried in a day pack).  The work will be on an as-needed basis.  

We have Trail Stewards signed up for:

  • Headwaters
  • South Side
  • Switchblade
  • Moose Marbles
  • Deep Vee
  • Hey Noose
  • Cabin Trail
  • Jump Trail
  • Nemesis
  • Cedar Grove
  • Blonde Jeans
  • Cedar Connector

We are looking for a few more folks for:

  • Wagon Trail
  • Flipside
  • Triple Crown
  • Upper & Lower Tusk
  • North Contour
  • Cave Trail/Sidewinder
  • Rock & a Hard Place
  • Gemini
  • Up & Over
  • Lickity Split
  • Over Easy
  • Fruitcake
  • Wonderpup

If you're interested in being a superstar Trail Steward on the mountain for one or more of these routes, drop Joe Wagenbrenner an email. 

Joe Wagenbrenner: joe_wagenbrenner@yahoo.com.

See you on the singletrack!

Jim LaFortune


New Trails on Moscow Mtn
posted 03.01.10

Yes! Yes! Yes!

I just got off the phone with one of Bennett Lumber Company's foresters. The foresters have approved our plans to build BOTH LaFortunes Flight and Nemesis Loop. OMG!


I've been mentally prepping myself for a "No" ever since I sent them the request letter and maps in December, but the answer was YES. Double wow.

Stay tuned for details. We'll start group trail parties as sooon as enough snow melts, which I'd guess will be early April. OMG again!

Woo hoo,

Jim LaFortune


Idaho Mountain Bike License Plate
posted 02.22.10

New Trails!Hello Trail Folks,

An amazing guy from Boise named Geoff Baker is designing a specialty mountain bike license plate for Idaho (see links below for preliminary design). Funds raised would be distributed to clubs like MAMBA for trail building projects.

I think this is a project that MAMBA can officially support! Please spread the word to all your mt biking friends, as the Idaho legislature has to see widespread support from all parts of the state if they're going to pass this legislation.

Jim LaFortune


I'm excited to report that H 486, the bike/trails license plate bill, passed the Idaho House overwhelmingly today! Rep. Cronin did a fantastic job presenting and 49 Representatives voted in favor of it.

So, we're onto the Senate.  John, Brian, and I are working on finding a Senator who will help sponsor the bill. We have some ideas, including Sen. Chuck Winder of Eagle and Sen. Diane Bilyeu of Pocatello. If you know either Sen. Winder or Sen. Bilyeu - or if you know your own state Senator in your District, PLEASE contact them ASAP and get them on board!!  I fear that the Senate might be a bit tougher road to hoe (or trails to ride?), so to speak, but I'm confident that with enough grass roots effort by all of us - including the membership of your clubs and organizations as well as friends and co-workers - we can find the support we need to make this a reality.

Keep watching Twitter, the blog, and facebook for more updates. Please send this information alongto your friends, co-workers, fellow riders, and trail users. And, again, if you know your Senator, please contact them today and ask them to support H 486 as it heads to the Senate!



Devil's Slide Bike Race, March 28, 2010
posted 01.25.10

MAMBA Cyclists,

The Twin Rivers Cyclists' Cross Country Mountain Bike Race, Devil's Slide, is on again this year! The race takes place in Hell's Gate State Park, Lewiston, Idaho. Each lap is about 6 miles, with 700 ft elevation change. The date is set for Sunday, March 28, 2010 at 10:00am. Mail entry forms must be received by Wednesday, March 24, 2010.

Follow the link provided here to the Twin Rivers Cyclists' Devil's Slide Race for entry forms and more information.

Corrie Rosetti
Twin Rivers Cyclist