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Winter Grooming Report
posted 12.19.20
Packed trail this morning. New-ish snow from clear-cut up to Paradise. Packed nicely, should be rideable--might be ok for running. Forecast calls for freezing later this week.

posted 12.13.20
Thanks to Andrew Hoehn for doing some mad grooming tonight. Up to the base of West Twin, up Moose-Noose, and hit the North loop. It is beautiful up there! Enjoy!

Moscow Mtn Snowshoeing Trails

How to locate the North Loop: Go to Trailforks.com and use its filters to set it to Winter Map. This will show what we typically groom for winter including the North Loop.)

THANK YOU PRIVATE LANDOWNERS OF MOSCOW MOUNTAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just think about how different life in our community would be without the their generosity!

For everyone who loves groomed trail, give a big thanks to Matt Pollard for keeping the SnowDog running. Since it stranded me up at Paradise a couple weeks ago, Matt was able to get it running like the day it was new. We are very lucky to have a skilled mechanic like him. And fence builder and bridge builder and pretty much do-it-all "handyman". Oh and metal fabricator too. The Pollard Packer has been a great grooming tool. Thanks Matt!

John Wenz
MAMBA President


MAMBA Trails belong to us all
posted 12.07.20

Bill Brock recently suggested commemorating the 10-year anniversary of Jim LaFortune's passing by naming the extensive trail network on Moscow Mountain after Jim. He called to get my thoughts, and while I appreciated the sentiment, I did not agree. It is not the Jim LaFortune trail system, it is the Moscow Area Mountain Bike Association trail system.

I have memories of Jim and family around every corner on Moscow Mountain. But, every other trail user has their own set of memories. Folks have recovered from surgery by hiking those trails. Kids have been taught to ride a bike and have then left their parents in the dust. Babies have been soothed to sleep in backpacks. Many a good dog has tired themselves out cavorting up there.

The MAMBA trail system on Moscow Mountain is a unique asset to this community. The public access provided by the generosity of private landowners is unmatched anywhere else. Bennett Lumber Company, the Warnick Trust and others too numerous to list have worked cooperatively with past and present MAMBA leadership. Thousands of volunteer hours have been logged by this community to build and maintain these trails. Jim LaFortuneTo see all past and current leadership, and great pictures of volunteers, please visit bikemoscow.org. Make a donation or send a thank you email.

While alive, Jim wanted three things: He wanted trails to ride, a place to pee and, when he grew up, he wanted to be an anonymous philanthropist. LaFortunes Flight trail was completed just before he died. PCEI's Jim LaFortune Groover is tribute to the second wish. Jim's Huck Finn approach to trail building initiated the MAMBA club, but it was never a solo endeavor. To see MAMBA's continuation and the joy this asset brings to the community is already Jim's third wish come true.

Kathie LaFortune


Winter Grooming Report
posted 11.15.20
Winter GroomingThanks to Clark Filip for at least 2 passes on the winter trails including up to Paradise last night. I hit it again this morning. 3" new up higher. Good for riding maybe even running from clearcut east to Paradise and Headwaters Landing Rd. Great skiing up there if you don't mind wet & heavy. Don't worry about marring the trail. A lot will melt down low and new snow will fix it up higher. Enjoy!

posted 11.14.20
Good riding on the winter loop fat tires low pressure. Get up here before it warms. Thanks Andrew Hoehn for packing trail yesterday.

posted 11.10.20
About 3" new wet snow very nicely packed tonight. Should set and freeze for a couple days of great riding and running. Get out there before it warms up.

posted 10.25.20
Groomed trail up to Paradise and back of North Loop on Saturday. Riding great in this cold weather Sunday. Good snow for skiing up above the clearcut on Foothill Rd. Enjoy!

John Wenz
MAMBA President


Trees Down
posted 10.14.20

Trees DownLooks like there are some fresh new trees down on the trails. Let us know where you all are finding them and how big they are. If you can include rough distances and directions from trail heads or intersections, that will make the job of removal so much easier.

Colin Priebe
MAMBA Trails Chairperson


Cabin Trail Upper Bridge RepairCabin Trail Bridge
posted 10.10.20
A team from WSU Outdoor Rec Center worked to repair the upper bridge on Cabin Trail. Thanks for your hard work!

Please remember NO DOWNHILL BIKE traffic on Cabin Trail. Take LaFortunes down--that's why the landowner let us build it!

John Wenz
MAMBA President


Moscow Mountain Cache Dash
posted 09.06.20

Welcome to the Moscow Mountain Cache Dash, a virtual (for this year) trail "race" designed to help people explore the wonderful privately owned resource that is Moscow Mountain. The idea is simple: over the course of a month, take a selfie with each of five caches that we've distributed across some of our favorite trails and then submit that picture and a gpx file or link to your run(s). We will provide rough locations for each cache, but it's up to you to find your way there!

Where: Moscow Mountain, Moscow, Idaho

When: Any time from 12:00am October 1st to 12:00am October 31st, 2020

Details: https://ultrasignup.com/register.aspx?eid=13120

John Wenz
MAMBA President


Off-Road Vehicles
posted 08.29.20

We have received several reports this morning (Saturday 8/29) of off-road vehicles attempting to get around the gate at Headwaters. If you see any such activity, or any vehicles on the road between Headwaters and Four Corners, please take photos, license plate numbers, etc. and call the county sheriff. Some of these vehicles may be up there legally, however, the number of trespassers has increased throughout this summer.

John Wenz
MAMBA President


Momma Bear and Cub
posted 08.14.20

Bear and CubHeads up!! Momma bear and cub spotted on middle portion of Gemini on Friday 8/14/20 at about 10:30 am!

John Wenz
MAMBA President


 Trails ClosedLogging Activity
posted 07.10.20

Trails CLOSED due to timber harvest:

  • Cave Trail
  • Over Easy's Approach
  • Sand Blvd
  • Whoop Dee Doo

Please avoid this area until further notice. While this is a bummer, we have to remember how lucky we are the private landowners of Moscow Mtn allow us to build and enjoy trails on their property. Thank you!

Once the harvest activity has finished up, we will work with the landowners on a plan to re-establish these trails. Thank you trail users for your respectful use of private property.

John Wenz
MAMBA President


posted 06.27.20

VANDALISM and THEFT on Moscow Mountain on the properties East of Triple Crown and around Queen Mary's Revenge. Within the last week steel gates were ripped out, cedar logs and standing Tamarack trees were stolen from the property. If you have been around that area in the past couple weeks and saw any activity or vehicles in that area PLEASE CONTACT THE LATAH COUNTY SHERIFF (208) 882-2216 and tell them what you know (Case number: 2020-03272). Even information about when gates were open or closed or damaged in the past week can help.

A "big, fairly new gray horse trailer" was seen up by the shed and cross on the property. That trailer does not belong to the landowner. If you saw it up there or saw it being pulled down off the mountain PLEASE CONTACT THE SHERIFF and tell them what you know.

The Private Landowners of Moscow Mtn let us play on their land and one of the benefits is the presence of trail users helps reduce problems but also being the eyes and ears that can help in unfortunate situations like this.

Now is the time give back to the Landowners and help by contacting the Sheriff with any information you have that could help their investigation.

John Wenz
MAMBA President


PLT Trail Build SUCCESS!
posted 06.21.20

PLT rerouteThe permanent PLT reroute is now open thanks to the strong work of: Matt, Laura, Mary, Casey, Dominick, Trevor, Lacey, Mark, Henry, Morgan, Carlin and John.

Still a few rough spots and finish work to do so if you want to get up on your own and contribute shoot us an email info@bikemoscow.org or on facebook messenger for the low down on tool acquisition.

John Wenz
MAMBA President


Trail Build June 20th
posted 06.15.20

PLT reroutePLT trail build! Saturday 6/20! Meet at the Trail Landing Parking Lot at 8:30am where we will caravan to the best access point for the trail build. We will be working on the trail that is near the prior logging operation. We will be practicing good COVID-19 practices by maintaining 6' spacing, etc. Work will finish around 1:30pm.

There is about 200 yards of trail left to build, plus three bridges to complete.

MAMBA will provide tools – please bring gloves, water, and snacks. You can either bicycle in by going up PLT from either end or hike about half a mile (with about 700 feet elevation gain!)

Matt Pollard
MAMBA Secretary


Queen Mary's Revenge Rideable
posted 06.15.20

PLT rerouteDespite the rain, snow, and hail, a hearty crew resurrected Queen Mary's Revenge trail (QMR) that was rife with logging debris. After clearing 20+ downed trees, much debris, and scratching in a bit of new trail, QMR is once again rideable.

How do you get to QMR? Use the trailforks.com app (follow the route from June 14th) to guide you. It is easiest to approach from mid-mtn (Four Corners) but can be a bit tricky to find the start. By the way, it is most enjoyable to ride from south towards north (i.e. downhill). However if you are a glutton for climbing, you can start on the northern end and go up the trail. A nice loop is to connect QMR to Cave Trail.

Note: Scott's Trail cuts off a significant portion of the trail -- good if you are feeling like you need to cut it short. But heads up--there is a spur trail on the Scott's Trail route that currently goes to nowhere--though will eventually connect to other trails.

Thank you to the private landowners for opportunities for great trails like QMR and a reminder that ALL MAMBA trails are on private property.

Kyle French
MAMBA Treasurer


No Motos Allowed
posted 06.14.20

The past couple weekends, motorcycles have been heard going up Foothill Rd past the gate and there have been tracks on Velo, Wagon, Hey Noose, and Jacks Route. There is a red sign post with a "no motos" sticker on it and two T-Posts block the gate ride-a-round. The T-Posts are temporary while we try to get a boulder. Sorry bikers, I know that was a fun feature. Still a feature--just working some different skills.

If you encounter someone with a moto on the trails and you want to say something, please politely let them know that the landowners do not allow motos on the trails or gated roads. Whether you interact with them or not please let us know of your encounter.

Thanks and have fun out there. 

John Wenz
MAMBA President


Trail maps available to all
posted 05.19.20

MAMBA Trail Map

trailforks.com maps and elevations are now embedded into all our trail pages. In addition, a MAMBA membership login/password is no longer required to access MAMBA trail maps and GPS files.

John Wenz
MAMBA President


PLT Update
posted 05.07.20

PLT RerouteSeveral of us cut & scratched in a quick-and-dirty temporary 'trail' that allows us to re-open PLT. Please follow the signs and orange flagging.

Here is what you need to know: this is a short and steep hike-a-bike sort of reroute. It is a temporary measure while we build the 'real' reroute. It's not ideal but is heck of a lot better than no trail.

Finally, please do not go past the 'private property' signs or around the barricades.

Matt Pollard
MAMBA Secretary


New Headwaters Feature
New Headwaters featureposted 05.03.20

I want to give a shout out to Mark Deming and Matt Pollard who installed a sweet entrance to the Headwaters reroute on May 3. This beautiful feature is constructed using old deck boards.

John Wenz
MAMBA President



Trail Conditions Update
posted 04.15.20

Trail ConditionsSo what is open? Though the gate at Moscow Mountain Road is closed for a few more weeks, the south-facing trails are starting to clear. PLT has much snow when it dips into the northern draws and is best avoided for a few weeks.

Gemini has only about 150' of snow left on it and is in prime shape to Four Corners-- other than some downed trees (we'll get to those this week).

A nice loop: bike up the road towards Four Corners and hop onto Gemini where it crosses. Either take a left at the first crossing for a short loop or a right at the upper (second) crossing for a much longer loop.

What's not open? Pretty much everything else has oodles of snow and needs a few more weeks. We've scouted these and they are a no-go: Cave Trail, Sidewinder, The Tusks, Easy Out, Nemesis, LaFortunes Flight, Rock and a Hard Place, Jump...

Finally, please contact MAMBA if you have trail reroute suggestions. Being a privately owned mountain, we are in continuous communication with the land owners regarding access, trails and usage. So that new reroute you want to build.... talk with us first, otherwise it could result in a loss of access for everybody. This is not a joking matter.

Matt Pollard
MAMBA Secretary


MAMBAposted 03.24.20

MAMBA board meeting will be held via webconfence this Thursday March 26 at 7pm. The board will be discussing changes to membership, web site design, and trail map availability.

Annual MAMBAship meeting scheduled for April 22nd at the 1912 center has been postponed and a new date will be announced once we see how the coronavirus pandemic plays out.

Enjoy the trails in the spring responsibly:

  • MUD. Trails on the west end of the mountain are opening up (Headwaters up to the top of Switchblade and Moose Marbles). Still some ice pack thus muddy areas on Headwaters. Best option is to turn around, but if you decide to continue through small sections of mud, stay on the trail and go right thru the mud to avoid trail widening. Consider coming out to help with trail maintenance and building this season as penitence for muddy trail use, or just come out because you want to contribute to our amazing community trail system!
  • BAGS o' DOG POOH. This was a new one. Found a bag of dog pooh along the Headwaters trail. I left it on my early Sunday morning ride, but when it was still there for the afternoon family hike, I figured no one was coming back for it and brought it home. If you are going to bag it, BRING IT home with you. But really--it's the forest--just flick dog pooh off the trail with a stick.

As always, remember ALL trails on Moscow Mountain are on private land. Please respect our gracious landowners by staying on the trail, respecting the land and fellow trail users. Our community is so fortunate that the private landowners of Moscow Mountain and the dedicated MAMBA volunteers (like YOU) have provided us with 61 Trails! Covering 81 miles! Stay safe and enjoy extreme social distancing out on the mountain.

John Wenz
MAMBA President


What is rideable?
posted 03.23.20

Trail ConditionsOn Sunday, several of us cleared the following trails. Note: we had to push through snow for about 0.4 miles (out of 10m total):

  • Headwaters - patches of snow but rideable.
  • Grumpy Grouse - pushed through snow on the Headwaters end. Clear otherwise.
  • Jack's Route - hero dirt!
  • Switchblade - great until the upper 1/4 mile
  • Moose Marbles - hero dirt! However the upper connector from Switchblade to Moose Marbles/Wagon Trail intersection is still in snow. Though easily walkable.

What is not rideable?

  • Wagon Trail
  • Rock Taco
  • Hay Noose

We will continue with our social distancing opportunities as we explore and clear the trails.

Matt Pollard
MAMBA Secretary


Trees be gone!
Clearning Treesposted 03.01.20

Though now clear of trees, the snow, ice, and mud makes Headwaters impassable to bikes for at least several more weeks. Riding, even hiking, will cause trail damage. Currently it is even too muddy to hike/run once the sun hits trail going up toward the creek.

Matt Pollard
MAMBA Secretary




MAMBA 2020 Trail Building Plans
posted 02.27.20

MAMBA Trail Committee Meeting and Annual Report
Building TrailWednesday, March 4 from 7-8pm
Hunga Dunga Brewing Company, Moscow

Come join us for a presentation on 2020 trail projects and projected work schedule followed by questions and answers about future and past projects.

Colin Priebe
MAMBA Trails Chairperson


Winter Groomed Trail Riding
posted 02.21.20

Winter RidingGroomed trail riding was great this morning. Thanks to Alex Kappes for grooming the North Loop on Tuesday.
Thanks to the trail users on foot that kept to the right of the trail in the soft spots. Thank you snowshoers that packed the bridges side of Headwaters trail. It made for some sweet riding this morning. Thank you to the private landowners of Moscow Mountain for making this great resource available. I feel very fortunate to be part of this community of trail users. Thank you all.

John Wenz
MAMBA President


Winter Grooming
Winter Groomingposted 02.17.20

Got two passes grooming Headwaters Winter Loop last night. Thanks to the Snowshoers that went up Headwaters Landing Rd! Packed a nice base.

John Wenz
MAMBA President




Winter Grooming
posted 01.19.20

Got some grooming done tonight on the Headwaters Winter Loop. Took out most of the tracks. Should be firm enough for biking and running tomorrow morning until it gets warm.

Headwaters Winter Loop

John Wenz
MAMBA President


Board Meeting Tonight
posted 01.16.20

MAMBA Business Meeting
Thursday, Jan 16, 7pm at Hunga Dunga Brewing Company, 333 N Jackson, Moscow.


  • MAMBAAlternative Giving Market of the Palouse (AGMP) report - We received $1,098 in donations! Thanks AGMP and Donors!
  • Changes to MAMBA membership/Map access. With the availability of trails on apps like Trailforks, is having MAMBA maps behind a membership login obsolete?
  • Initial planning for April Membership Meeting
  • Winter grooming updates
  • Trail Committee formation
  • Potties at parking areas - Moscow Mtn Rd this spring

John Wenz
MAMBA President


Winter Grooming Update
posted 01.14.20Headwaters Parking Potty

  • There was some trail use yesterday that was leaving too much of a mark on the trail. Kinda a bummer because it got real cold last night and froze the marred trail.
  • We are getting some nice light powder now, yay! But there is a big tree down across the road above the Headwaters trailhead so we can't get the groomer up there right now. It was a live tree so we need to check with Bennett before we think about doing any sawyer work.
  • The Headwaters parking potty has been liberated. Er, well, you can again access it as a path has been shoveled through the snow bank! During this snowy season, if you are heading for fun from Headwaters parking, think about bringing a shovel and lend a hand keeping the potty accessible. THANKS!

Enjoy all this wonderful snow. And if you are enjoying it on Moscow Mountain, be thankful to the private landowners that let us play on their property!

John Wenz
MAMBA President


Respectful use of Winter Trails
posted 01.13.20

Winter GroomingWell we got at least a foot of wet snow this weekend and had a number of volunteers come up and contribute to the grooming efforts. Got cold last night so the trail should set up nicely for use today.

HOWEVER, if you are leaving an obvious track that is marring the trail PLEASE STOP. These are multiuser trails so please think of all users. Bikes and foot traffic do the most damage. Skis and snowshoes help pack the trail and generally don't cause damage.

Bikes minimum 3.8" tire please. Softer, dry surface run 1-4 psi. Hard surface run 6-8 psi. If you are leaving a rut, slipping and find it hard to start from a stop, STOP! Runners and hikers shouldn't be leaving more than a 1.5" footprint.

Please, provide and check trail condition reports here on FB and on Trailforks..

Thanks to Ed, Joel and Bert from Palouse Road Runners for packing trail yesterday!!

John Wenz
MAMBA President


MAMBA Board Meeting
MAMBAposted 01.12.20

MAMBA Business Meeting
Thursday, Jan 16, 7pm at Hunga Dunga Brewing Company, 333 N Jackson, Moscow.

Matt Pollard
MAMBA Secretary


Clearing TreesClearing the trails
posted 01.12.20

We got those pesky trees that were wrecking the flow on Headwaters! If you can't easily clear the trail yourself, please contact us and we'll get'er cleared as soon as possible.

Report a trail problem . . .
Contact Trail Steward

Matt Pollard
MAMBA Secretary


Do you STRAVA?
posted 01.12.20

Strava to TrailforksDo you STRAVA? If so, follow this tutorial to connect your activities to Trail forks! Why? DATA! We can use trail usage statistics when applying for grants and it also help us focus our trail maintenance, upgrades, and development.


Matt Pollard
MAMBA Secretary


Thank you!
posted 01.09.20

Thank you for the generous donations during the Alternative Giving Market of the Palouse this holiday season. Funds help us to supply a portable toilet at the Headwaters Parking, install trail signs, purchase maintenance tools, groom winter trails, and host numerous trail building events. Thank You!This provides both recreation and community for the greater Moscow area. Together, your donations and landowners who allow access to their land, help make Moscow Mountain the special place that we know and love. As always, feel free to drop in on one of the upcoming MAMBA meetings. We hope to see you on the mountain soon and we will see you at next year's Alternative Giving Market!

Sandra Anamo Townsend
MAMBA Board Member


Winter Trail Grooming
posted 01.06.20

Winter GroomingWinter trail grooming has begun in earnest! Check out Trailforks for the trails we will be grooming this season. Show just the winter trails by clicking Layers at top left of Map and selecting Winter Trails. Packed all the winter trails 2-3 times this morning - New record of 27 miles of grooming. The wet heavy packed well and should establish a nice base as things cool and we get more snow later this week.

These are multi-use trails (hike, run, snowshoe, ski, fatbike) so don't expect perfect conditions for your particular use. That said, PLEASE be courteous and if you are leaving an obvious track/footprint that is trashing it that means it isn't set so please stay off.

Please consider logging your activity on Trailforks either using the trailforks app or Strava linked to trailforks. This will allow us gather trail use statistics that are very helpful for future planning.

Hope to have some sweet groomed snow trails ready to use by Friday into this weekend. Check Trailforks for condition updates and contribute trail condition reports so we have the best info.


John Wenz
MAMBA President


Palouse-regional youth mountain bike team
posted 01.05.20

Youth Mountain BikingGot a young rider in the house? The newly-formed Palouse-regional youth mountain bike team will be having an informational meeting from 5:30-6:30pm on 1/18/2020 at 404 S Monroe St, Moscow. The team is open for 6th to 12th Grader’s in the quad-cities region.

More info

Matt Pollard
MAMBA Secretary


PLT mid-section closure
posted 01.02.20

When PLT (originally named Private Lands Trail) was built, the trail inadvertently crossed onto land for which MAMBA did not have approval to build. Despite this, for a number of years, the private landowner was gracious enough to allow us to continue to use the sections of trail that crossed their land. Unfortunately, over the past couple years, there have been numerous instances when the landowner has encountered people on their property far off the PLT trail. This is not acceptable to the landowner, MAMBA or the responsible users of MAMBA trails which are ALL on PRIVATE LAND. On Moscow Mtn, We Stay on the TrailOut of respect for the landowner, MAMBA decided it was best to close that section of trail to mitigate the risk of future problems.

We are working with landowners to determine the best place to build new trail to connect the two sections of PLT. Until further notice, please use the PLT trails as OUT AND BACK adventures. Do not continue on PLT beyond its trail closures which are blocked and clearly marked with "Private Property KEEP OUT" signs. PLEASE DO NOT GO OFF TRAIL to bushwhack your way to the other end of the trail. Remember going off trail in this area is what led to the closure in the first place. We have been granted permission to enjoy THE TRAILS. Please respect PRIVATE LAND and STAY ON THE TRAIL.

PLT's mid-section is temporarily closed:

PLT ClosureIf you are coming up from Moscow Mtn Rd (lower PLT) park in the Trail Landing Parking area and ride up Moscow Mtn Rd (gravel) 0.25 mile, looking on right side of the road for PLT which is directly across from the trailhead for Gemini. The trail closure is about 1.8 miles in where the trail drops into the trees.

If you are on the trail coming from LaFortunes Flight (upper PLT), the trail closure is immediately after a new logging road about 1 mile in.

PLT Trail Closure

The MAMBA board would like to thank all the Private Landowners of Moscow Mountain for giving our community the opportunity to use THE TRAILS they have allowed us to build on their land. We would also like to thank the landowner in this case for being gracious enough to let trail remain on their land when it wasn't supposed to be there in the first place and apologize for people going off trail and disrupting their privacy. Here's to a great new year, enjoy the trails, respect private land and stay on the trail.

John Wenz
MAMBA President