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Trail Safety

Safety Tips

  • Safety Resources for Cyclists
  • Always wear a helmet
  • Ride with a friend
  • Tell someone reliable where you are going
  • Bring water and high energy snacks with you
  • Carry a spare tube, pump, repair kit, and matches
  • Be honest with yourself and ride within your limits

Sharing the Trails

  • Reduce your speed around blind corners.
  • Slow down when encountering non-bikers. Be ready to come to a full stop if needed.
  • Yield to horses by getting off of the trail on the downhill side. Talk to the riders so the horses know you're not a predator.



Mountain biking is an elegant way to relive the joy of being a kid in motion among the mountains. It is also a hazardous sport that involves unavoidable risk, including the possibility of serious injury or death. Anyone using this site assumes all risk and responsibility for their own safety and welfare. Reduce your risk by being prepared to fend for yourself if you get into trouble.