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MAMBA (Moscow Area Mountain Bike Association)
is a group of like-minded enthusiastic volunteers and land owners working together to create a network of trails on Moscow Mtn offering a variety of recreational opportunities & challenges for bikers, hikers, runners, and horseback riders. Continual access depends on responsible & respectful use of private land. We invite you to contribute to the adventure by joining, building, & recreating. No experience necessary.

Moscow is a special place, and it is simply amazing that we have access to a large amount of private land to ride/hike trails just a few miles from town. We all owe a lot of gratitude toward the landowners who have given us permission to enjoy the beautiful places on the mountain, and to the countless volunteer hours of the community who have built and maintained the MAMBA trails for many years.

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Calendar of Events

Build Trail2016 Trail Build Dates
Jun 4 8:45am, Sat
Jun 18
8:45am, Sat
Jul 10
8:45am, Sun
Jul 30
8:45am, Sat
Aug 14 8:45am, Sun
Sep 10 8:45am, Sat
Sep 25 8:45am, Sun
Oct 9 8:45am, Sun
Oct 29 8:45am, Sat


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